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Why Require Mediation

Mediation is an alternative case resolution without going through a full trial process that offers the following benefits:

  1. Mediation services are free;
  2. Mediators consist of experienced and knowledgeable Judges and Judicial Officers;
  3. No party loses because an agreement to a settlement is reached voluntarily. Win-win situation;
  4. The settlement agreement also binds the parties according to contract law;
  5. Mediation can save time;
  6. The mediation process is informal and flexible. The parties are more comfortable discussing;
  7. Mediation can strengthen the relationship between the conflicting parties because it gives the parties the opportunity to explain their respective situations;
  8. Facilities at the mediation center that provide mediation rooms and caucus rooms provide comfort to the parties to negotiate comfortably and reduce the feeling of anxiety to appear in open court;
  9. Mediation is difficult and very useful for the purpose of protecting the good name of a person, business etc